Ergonomic pillow that can be adjusted according to your wishes and sleeping position.

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In stock. Delivery in 3 - 5 working days
In stock. Delivery in 3 - 5 working days
  • Sleep quality

    The positive result is already noticeable after the first night

  • 12 months warranty

    Carefree comfort for exceptional sleep

  • Free shipping*

    Free shipping *to most European countries

  • Made in Europe

    High quality of procured materials

Revolutionary design

Our shredded memory foam filling provides adaptable support and conforms to your unique sleeping style. Made with special foam chips that allow exceptional air circulation.

Transform your sleep, transform your life!

Cooling gel infusion

Say goodbye to overheating. The cooling gel infusion actively regulates the temperature and ensures that you experience a refreshingly cool and undisturbed night's sleep.

Temperature regulation

Stay cool and comfortable all night long. Equipped with the latest cooling technology for a refreshing sleeping environment.

Adjustable for your comfort

The Wolkenkissen is not a one-size-fits-all solution - it's customizable! Adjust the height to your liking by adding or removing shredded memory foam.

Customized comfort, every night!

A customizable sleep oasis with the ability to adjust the shredded memory foam filling. This allows you to effortlessly create your ideal support level - be it high, medium or soft.

High level of support

Elevates your sleep with maximum height and provide exceptional support for those who prefer a firmer feel, ideal for side sleepers.

Medium support

Find your optimum comfort with a balanced blend of comfort and support that covers a variety of sleeping preferences, ideal for back sleepers.

Gentle support

Enjoy a cloud-like embrace, perfect for those who prefer a soft and gentle sleeping surface, ideal for stomach sleepers.

Unleash the ultimate in comfort with our WolkenKissen!

Transform your sleep experience with a pillow that goes beyond the ordinary - where coolness meets comfort and every night seems like a dream.

Support and comfort

Enjoy the perfect blend of support and comfort and let yourself be pampered by a pillow that meets and adapts to your individual sleeping needs.


Made with durability in mind, our Wolkenkissen will withstand long-term use and provide you with long-lasting support and comfort throughout the nights.

Cool and breathable

Glide into dreamland on a pillow that keeps you cool and refreshed throughout the night, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Lightweight and comfortable

Experience the happiness of a pillow that is not only incredibly light, but also a haven of comfort that cradles you in heavenly softness.


Made from hypoallergenic materials, acts as a barrier against allergens and promotes a healthier sleeping environment.

Zipper cover

Enjoy convenience and cleanliness with our zippered cover that makes removal effortless and ensures your sleeping environment stays fresh.

Machine washable

The machine-washable design of our cloud cushion makes care a breeze and promotes hygiene and longevity.

Double the pleasure: Elegance on both sides

Embrace the versatility of our cloud pillow, where two different worlds of comfort await your command.

  • Icy silky coolant 350 GSM

    Experience the refreshing embrace of our Ice Silky Cooling fabric - a luxurious 350 GSM wonder that transforms your pillow into a cool oasis. Designed for those seeking a chill, this side provides a soothing and breathable surface, inviting you into a realm of absolute relaxation.

  • Soft double-woven jacquard fabric with 300 GSM

    Enjoy the sumptuous softness of our gentle Double Jacquard fabric - a 300 GSM wonder that defines luxury and comfort. This side of the cloud pillow entices you with a soft touch, offering a plush retreat for those seeking warmth and coziness.

Versatile comfort for every type of sleeper

Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or prefer to rest on your stomach, the Wolkenkissen is carefully designed to suit your individual sleeping preferences. It guarantees you a personalized sleeping experience like never before:

Improvement of old standards: Wolkenkissen vs. traditional pillows

Make a smooth transition from your old standard pillow to the revolutionary Wolkenkissen. See how our Wolkenkissen outperforms conventional cushions in every way:


  • Support and comfort

  • Customizability

  • Temperature control

  • Durability

  • Hygiene and maintenance

  • Hypoallergenic

Traditional cushions


Frequently asked questions

The Wolkenkissen is unique because it is height-adjustable! Change the thickness of the cushion by adding or removing shredded viscoelastic foam. All you have to do is open the zipper of the inner cushion and remove the desired amount of viscoelastic.

The main difference is that the memory foam in the cloud cushion consists of small parts that you can use to adjust the height of the cushion.

The structure of the Wolkenkissen cover allows it to be machine washed, which facilitates hygiene and ensures its longevity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Edward R. (Mannheim, Germany)
Top cushions!

I ordered 2 large cushions straight away and am completely satisfied.
Shipping took a little longer but not too bad.
Could be a little softer but we are happy with the cushions and are happy to recommend them to others.

Katrin F. (Geretsried, Germany)

Super pillow... Highly recommended 😊

andrea g. (Bologna, Italy)
confort al massimo

ho trovato il cuscino veramente ergonomico, rispetto a come lo ho ricevuto , ho tolto un pò di imbottitura per avere la altezza ideale per me. Si adatta perfettamente e ci dormo benissimo. Grazie

Freia H. (Waldbröl, Germany)
Neck relaxation

Can sleep very well with the pillow. My neck pain has improved a lot.

Simon P. (Schwerte, Germany)


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