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Premium Comfort Mattress Topper with Gel Memory Foam for Pressure Relief and Cooling
Premium Comfort Mattress Topper with Gel Memory Foam for Pressure Relief and Cooling
Premium Comfort Mattress Topper with Gel Memory Foam for Pressure Relief and Cooling
Premium Comfort Mattress Topper with Gel Memory Foam for Pressure Relief and Cooling

Premium Comfort Mattress Topper with Gel Memory Foam for Pressure Relief and Cooling

Body-enveloping comfort with advanced cooling technology.

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Revolutionize your comfort with 100% gel memory foam

Our gel memory foam is designed to provide optimum support for your body and offers the perfect combination of firmness and softness for a luxurious night's sleep.

Transform your sleep, transform your life!

Cooling gel

Say goodbye to overheating. The cooling gel memory foam actively regulates the temperature and ensures that you enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed night's sleep.

Improved breathability

The design of the mattress topper promotes airflow, prevents heat build-up and ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Health and well-being

Sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our topper ensures that you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Improve your sleep with innovative functions

Immerse yourself in the future of sleep technology with KomfortKissen - where innovation meets comfort in every detail.

3D airflow innovation

Ensures that air circulates freely, prevents heat build-up and maintains the perfect temperature for a refreshing sleeping experience.

Easy cleaning

Easy-to-clean material that makes cleaning as uncomplicated as possible. Dust mite and allergy resistant. Machine washable.

SecureFit technology

New level of comfort thanks to innovative anti-slip and elastic band technology. Ensures stability and a firm hold of the topper.

Advantages of the comfort topper

Mattress topper with gel memory foam

Three layers of comfort

Immerse yourself in three layers of perfection, for your incomparable comfort. Your ultimate sleep upgrade!

  • Soft
  • Comfort topper - Medium soft
  • Fixed
  • Bamboo cover: environmentally friendly luxury

    Breathable and soft, the bamboo cover offers a pleasant sleeping experience.

  • Gel memory foam: Cooling gel technology

    Gel memory foam for the perfect blend of support and softness with temperature regulation.

  • Breathable mesh: revolutionary support

    The third layer features breathable mesh with a non-slip underside.

KomfortKissen Topper vs. conventional topper

Discover the ultimate sleep upgrade!

With new gel memory foam technology for customized comfort.

Conventional memory foam fails under weight and loses its shape.

Removable and machine-washable cover for easy cleaning.

The cover of comparable models is not removable.

Breathable design that promotes optimal airflow and ensures you stay comfortable and cool.

Impaired breathability can cause you to toss and turn uncomfortably in bed.

Effortless comfort

Unpack, relax and enjoy incredible comfort!

Step 1

Transport the box to the designated room.

Step 2

Unpack the topper and remove the plastic cover.

Step 3

Place the topper on your bed and roll it out.

Step 4

Allow your topper to decompress for 24-48 hours.

Comfort topper with CertiPUR-US® certification

A mattress topper you can trust

Gel memory foam mattress topper with CertiPUR-US® certification.

  • Health-oriented design

    Free from harmful chemicals, for a healthier sleeping environment.

  • Low VOC emissions

    Meets strict standards for low emissions and improves indoor air quality.

  • Durability guarantee

    Tested for durability and performance, for long-lasting comfort.

Mattress topper size guide

90 x 200 cm

7cm gel foam 5.5kg

100 x 200 cm

7cm gel foam 6.0kg

120 x 200 cm

7cm gel foam 7.2kg

140 x 200 cm

7cm gel foam 8.2Kg

160 x 200 cm

7cm gel foam 9.7kg

180 x 200 cm

7cm gel foam 11kg

200 x 200 cm

7cm gel foam 12.6kg

*The dimensions of each individual topper may vary on delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cozy layers provide cushioning, support and change the feel of your bed. Perfect for revitalizing older mattresses before you decide on a new one. Unlike thin bases, the comfort topper brings noticeable comfort.

Remove the outer cover from the topper (unzip it) and place it in the washing machine, following the care label instructions. Use a gentle cycle with a mild detergent to clean the topper. After washing, remove the topper from the machine and allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated area. Make sure it is completely dry before placing it back on your mattress for best results.

Yes, you can easily put a new mattress topper on an old mattress. A mattress topper can add cushioning, improve support and even help with temperature regulation, making your old mattress more comfortable and extending its life.

We offer a 10-year guarantee on our mattress toppers. We promise you high-quality materials with a long service life.

Yes, mattress toppers can make a bed much more comfortable. They serve to provide additional comfort, cushioning and support. A high-quality mattress topper can help reduce uncomfortable pressure points, align the spine and create a more comfortable sleeping environment. In addition, mattress toppers can help to upgrade the surface of an old or overly firm mattress by providing a softer surface to lie on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 589 reviews
Topper 140x200

**⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Outstanding mattress topper - best sleep quality!

I've had the 140x200 cm mattress topper for two months now and I'm absolutely delighted with it! It's definitely one of the best toppers I've ever slept on.

The quality of the material is outstanding and the topper offers the perfect balance between comfort and support. Since I've been using it, I've slept much better and wake up in the morning without any tension. The workmanship is first class and the topper adapts wonderfully to the body without losing its shape.

I can only warmly recommend this mattress topper. It has improved my sleeping experience enormously and is worth every penny!

Daniel A. (Lippstadt, Germany)
Best comfort !

I love these things! We bought the topper, 2 pillows and the 2x2m comforter. I don't regret a penny! We are finally sleeping well. On a scale from 0 to 10, we give it a 10! (Honest opinion) So if you're still thinking, don't think twice. Order it and try it out for yourself. We are thrilled!

Matthias S.
Great product - I love it!

I recently got the comfort topper to help with my annoying back pain and guys, this thing has made all the difference. The gel-infused foam hits the sweet spot between support and comfort, and I felt a real difference in my back after just a few nights. The quality is first class, and it molds to my body like it was tailor-made. Plus, everything stays nice and cool, so no sweaty nights. If you're struggling with back pain and still want to sleep comfortably, I'd say get the comfort topper. It's a real hit.

Ingo K. (Hamburg, Germany)
Like on clouds

Thank you very much the mattress gives me a restful sleep and a pain-free day great that there is such a thing at a fair price

Martin B. (Vienna, Austria)
Top product

Sleep like on a cloud!

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