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Topper 140x200

**⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Outstanding mattress topper - best sleep quality!

I've had the 140x200 cm mattress topper for two months now and I'm absolutely delighted with it! It's definitely one of the best toppers I've ever slept on.

The quality of the material is outstanding and the topper offers the perfect balance between comfort and support. Since I've been using it, I've slept much better and wake up in the morning without any tension. The workmanship is first class and the topper adapts wonderfully to the body without losing its shape.

I can only warmly recommend this mattress topper. It has improved my sleeping experience enormously and is worth every penny!

Replacement Cover - Bamboo (Gray)
Silvia S. (Berlin, Germany)
DREAM PILLOWS 💋 #love #romance #kisses

I've had the comfort pillow for a while now and I've never regretted it since day one. I no longer have back pain.
I ordered the cooling bamboo pillow in gray about 35 days ago and it is absolutely amazing.

Super price performance!

We were pleasantly surprised and are very satisfied! I removed and washed the covers without any problems. Nothing has warped. Our son loves the couch! It is very comfortable!

KomfortKissen© (Volgelsheim, France)
My relax corner

My oasis of relaxation and well-being on the couch. Whether I'm just watching TV in comfort or doing needlework to support my shoulders and neck, it's simply comfortable

Best comfort !

I love these things! We bought the topper, 2 pillows and the 2x2m comforter. I don't regret a penny! We are finally sleeping well. On a scale from 0 to 10, we give it a 10! (Honest opinion) So if you're still thinking, don't think twice. Order it and try it out for yourself. We are thrilled!

Pieter V.d.S. (Meppen, The Netherlands)
Comfortable tent in caravan

In caravan altijd last van rug omdat de banken niet fijn zitten. Dit komfortkissen is de oplossing.

Melanie K. (Altdorf, Germany)
Super cushion for all "situations"

Whether on your back or side, for reading or relaxing - a great cushion!

Elke F. (Prien am Chiemsee, Germany)
Great dog cushion

My two Rhodesian Ridgebacks love this Kissen☺️
I would like to make two comments: the dark floor material is too hard at the zipper and breaks very quickly and more color choices would be great. The light-colored cover darkens very quickly from dirt!
Despite all this, we are very satisfied!
Best regards from Bavaria
Elke Furtner

Perfect gift for coziness

Best present I have ever given myself! It's not only beautiful to look at, but also incredibly cozy.

S. (Mühlacker, Germany)
Relaxed nights

I would never have thought that this cushion would actually do anything....
I have had osteoarthritis in my knee joint for over a year. I don't like going to bed in the evening because I often lie awake at night and don't know how to lie down without pain, or I have to take strong painkillers to get some sleep.
Since I got my KomfortKissen , all that has changed.
I look forward to my bed.
It's just so comfortable with the pillow and my pain at night is as good as gone and I can sleep wonderfully through the night and get out of bed well in the morning.
I can only recommend it to others.

Great product - I love it!

I recently got the comfort topper to help with my annoying back pain and guys, this thing has made all the difference. The gel-infused foam hits the sweet spot between support and comfort, and I felt a real difference in my back after just a few nights. The quality is first class, and it molds to my body like it was tailor-made. Plus, everything stays nice and cool, so no sweaty nights. If you're struggling with back pain and still want to sleep comfortably, I'd say get the comfort topper. It's a real hit.

Birgitt F. (London, United Kingdom)

The pillow is great, is with us on the sofa and my husband uses it Daily, to sit or lie, one side so folded under, so he can put his arm on it. For my bed it is unfortunately too big, I have tried, if you put in there it is already great, the back warm and supported. Will probably buy another but that for children, is not quite so big.

Annett B. (Leichlingen, Germany)
Super cushion

I am very happy with my komfortkissen.
I bought another cover for the summer.
I've been sleeping very peacefully ever since.

Helga O. (Bad Wildbad, Germany)
My ultimate joy pillow

I love my new comfort pillow and now I can't live without it anymore

Replacement Cover - Bamboo (Gray)
Margit M. (Vienna, Austria)
KomfortKissen Coating

I love my KomfortKissen and the bamboo cover is sooo comfortable and cool :-)

Player Pillow
Susanne H. (Hanover, Germany)
My biggest support

Not only for playing on the phone this pillow is used also for my textile work like crochet. It is a great support ....I can highly recommend it.

Ela D. (Berlin, Germany)
Super nice cushion

Since I use this pillow I sleep much better and the back pain is gone. Even the cat finds this pillow cozy. Am very satisfied.


The product is really good because it has so many different uses. I would like to have this mat in almost every room. It is very convenient to use near the sink in the kitchen. When I wash my dishes, I always make a mess around the sink. But now everything looks clean.


The water simply disappears. It is really amazing! Super fast and my feet feel perfectly dry within seconds.


I love this stone bath mat! It dries super fast and keeps the bathroom dry! I bought more for my other bathroom and put one under my dog's water bowl!

Replacement Cover - Micro Plush (Dark Gray)
Karin R. (Salzburg, Austria)
Replacement cover

The cover is very comfortable and soft. I love my pillow :-)

Barbara H. (Mannheim, Germany)

The Komfortkissen is my constant companion in bed and since I have been using the pillow, I no longer have any tension.

Caro (Fira, Greece)
I love my cozy nest 🪺 🥰

I am not only with the pillow highly happy but also with the service 🫶🏻🥳‼️ The next morning a question as I would have slept with the pillow...☺️👍🏻...and there were suggestions as I could possibly make the pillow more comfortable, if it does not fit...have immediately ordered a second bamboo cover with...super quality 🙏🏻...cover the pillow...alone...goes smoothly. Clear purchase recommendation🥳🥳🤩

Ursi S. (Zurich, Switzerland)
Luxury High 98

I would never want to do without this pillow again, because it brings me only advantages. I can fall asleep faster - no idea why - and I very rarely wake up with neck pain. Thank you so much!!!

Undine Z. (Hamburg, Germany)

Absolutely perfect!